Sun Building: Quality. Service. Cleanliness.

Quality. Service. Cleanliness. (QSC) / Total Quality Management (TQM)

At Sun Building Maintenance, our first priority is to provide Quality, Service, and Cleanliness (QSC), to your facility.

QSC Overview

• Quality

Whether a one-day office cleaning, special emergency cleanup or an annual commercial janitorial contract, we guarantee the QUALITY of the job meansures up to the highest industry standards.

• Service

Sun Building Maintenance SERVICE means "We do things right the first time" and all of our services are delivered by the most conscientious, professional and courteous crews in the industry.

• Cleanliness

Your work environment is an extension of your business. From small office spaces to multi-storied commercial buildings, Sun Building maintains the highest level of CLEANLINESS for your property.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Our signature Total Quality Management (TQM) program is essentially an evaluation of Sun Building’s adherence to our QSC standards. TQM is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of your property, and ensures that you receive the highest quality service in the business and that all contractual obligations are met.

TQM Overview

  • A Total Quality Manager will conduct regular inspections of the property to ensure contractual compliance and assess the work for cleanliness and timeliness.
  • A TQM representative will meet with your building super on a scheduled basis to discuss concerns, and ensure we are living up to our QSC commitment. All new issues and requests are documented with a plan of action.
  • A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to verify that all requests have been addressed and corrected to the satisfaction of the building super.
  • Every Sun Building employee is committed to maintaining our Total Quality Management standards and is monitored to ensure our customers receive exceptional service.